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Narrative: Just what you need to get rehydrated. A nice cold refreshing IV hydration drip. Normal saline has been used in the hospital and outpatient setting to treat dehydration. We get it, you don’t want to go the hospital or a clinic. Instead, we will come to you with our refreshing IV ready to go.

At Electrolyte Med, your rehydration needs are conveniently addressed. Experience the revitalizing effects of our cold and refreshing IV hydration drip, crafted to alleviate dehydration. While normal saline has long been employed within hospital and outpatient settings, we understand your preference to avoid these conventional venues. Hence, we offer a personalized service that directly brings you the stimulating benefits of IV hydration.

Trust Electrolyte Med to deliver a ready-to-administer, professionally prepared IV solution, ensuring optimal rehydration experience.


  • Normal Saline
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