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IV Therapy

A medical treatment where fluids and nutrients are administered directly into a vein, typically to enhance overall wellness or address specific health concerns.

Vitamin Injections

A method of delivering high doses of essential vitamins directly into the body through an injection, bypassing the digestive system for immediate absorption.

IV Hydration

A procedure where fluids, often enriched with electrolytes and vitamins, are infused intravenously to quickly hydrate the body, commonly used to relieve dehydration.

Weight Loss Drip

An intravenous treatment that delivers a blend of vitamins, minerals, and potentially fat-burning compounds into the bloodstream, aimed at supporting weight loss efforts.

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What People Have to Say

Check out what our happy customers have to say about our IV cocktails.

Best business to get IV hydration. Staff is fun and very professional! Just got some b-12 injections with a hydration IV. Felt really great after!


Ana L.

Los Angels, CA

It’s hard to find a good Concierge IV service that’s good! They made me feel so much better than the night after a bottle of tequila. Hangover drip was a game changer and I could not thank them enough!


Russell I.

Los Angels, CA

I really can’t thank Electrolyte Med enough. I’ve been having migraines intermittently and a friend recommended I get their migraine IV drip


Maria N.

Los Angels, CA

Really great service. Had a night iut just needed some mobile iv therapy. Electrolyte med delivered with their superb quality cocktails! Jonathan was amaizing


Katie F.

Los Angels, CA


Loyal IV Clinic

Welcome to Electrolyte Med, your trusted partner in mobile IV hydration services in Los Angeles. We are here to revolutionize the way you access and experience hydration and wellness support. Our dedicated healthcare professionals are committed to providing personalized, safe, and effective IV therapy treatments right in the comfort of your chosen location.

Optimal hydration is the foundation of general well-being and top performance. We specialize in providing concierge IV therapy solutions that restore electrolytes, raise your hydration levels, and encourage overall wellness.

Our solutions promote rapid hydration and nutritional absorption by delivering a combination of intravenous fluids, vitamins, and minerals straight into your bloodstream, resulting in optimal results.

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